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Well being at work

Your organisation places a high value on the Well-Being of its staff, which is a key component of performance.  

Promoting Positive Health in your organisation: Why - How?

You observe the following signs and signals for yourself, colleagues and staff:  

  • Energy: Exhaustion  
  • Cognitive skills: Loss of control - Memory loss - Inability to act  
  • Social behaviour: Fear of the future - Loss of meaning - etc.  

or else,

you want to know more about this topic in order to act with flexible firmness.

This seminar is aimed at those who are looking to optimise their professional commitment! who want to act for their Health and seek to balance performance, safety and well-being, at work and in life.


  • Prevent stress and burn-out situations
  • Promote attitudes conducive to professional engagement
  • Developing positive health for a dynamic life balance.

Duration & Organization

Duration: from 1 Day (7 hrs). For a 12-month wellness at work programme, please contactus.  

Public: All professionals: beginners, experienced, experts. Groups of 12 people maximum.

Prerequisites: be interested in the subject and ready to change a few routines. Preparation isrequired prior to the course.

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Pascal Papillon
Trainer consultant in companies and public functions. Combines creativity, enthusiasm, research and vision to undertake projects. Passionate about nature and cultures, creator of organisations... Designer of the Eco Management® and the Yoga Education and Training Strategic Stream®: currently PhD student in Yoga Philosophy at Svyasa University, Center for Higher Learning & Research in Yoga Science, Bangalore, India - Thesis topic: Well-being in the workplace with research articles Experience on the themes of stress management and mobilisation of internal resources - Well-being in the workplace - Excellence in action and Quality of Life
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