Transmission of skills

Knowledge sharing is a major issue for companies. It is essential not only to guarantee continuity of service, but also to continuously improve processes. Often, the question of the transmission of skills arises when an employee leaves or changes jobs and is done in a hurry.

Transmission is a process of change that needs to be prepared, facilitated and evaluated. To move from reactive to proactive mode, we offer this support programme to anticipate the transmission of experiences and create a learning company culture 'All transmitters, all receivers'.


To be a transmitter anda receiver every day:

  • Use know-how (attitudes) to improve skills (behaviours)
  • Encourage know-how and learn from experience as a new routine
  • Understand the 3 stages of formal transmission: preparation, facilitation, evaluation
  • Recognize different learning styles
  • Practice efficient and respectful communication between Transmitter and Receiver

Duration & Organization

Duration: 1 webinar + 3 x 4 hours + 2 hours of personal work

Audience: all employees within a team, organisation, company,association, etc.

Prerequisites: Open-mindedness, willingness to learn and share.

Methods: Webinar, Personal Work, Group Workshop, Systemic Constellation, Individual Questioning & Reflection, Co-Consulting, Sharing of Experience, completed and combined with other creative tools

You can choose between 100% distance learning or a mixed course.

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Petra Bleschke
"For some employees, the exchange of knowledge is a real source of job satisfaction. An inspiring practice that works in top-down, bottom-up and transversal mode. However, the majority of employees do not do it in a natural way. Some think that it takes too much time to pass on, others think that they have nothing to pass on or do not want to put themselves forward. And yet, sharing knowledge boosts self-confidence and allows recognition by colleagues and managers. It also offers new encounters, grounds for discussion and raises the level of know-how and skills in a company. But most importantly, the company will not lose strategic knowledge and skills when employees leave the company."
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