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Transition to Retirement

And for you, when is retirement?" It's a classic question as soon as you approach sixty. Retirement can be the transition from a full life to a potentially "empty" life. From one day to the next, you lose your sense of belonging and contribution to your company and to the working world, as well as the social ties you've created with your colleagues for 10, 20, 30 or more years.

Even for those who dream about it, retirement brings with it a certain amount of stress and (unconscious) anxiety, which can affect the last years of work and lead to a drop in motivation and performance with a risk of ‘burn-out’ or ‘bore-out’.

The aim of this course is to raise awareness and to invite employees aged over 50 to prepare for (pre-)retirement. After all, retirement is much more than just a series of administrative procedures...


Raise awareness of the importance of anticipating the next stage of one's life andprovide ideas in order to:

  • Define the optimal time to retire
  • Remain committed until the end of one's career: collaborate and hand over
  • Experience a serene transition to retirement
  • Give meaning to your new life: dare to fulfil your desires in order to live the life you aspire to.

Duration & Organization

Duration: 1x1 hour + 1 x 3.5 hours in a group to build awareness of the theme + 2 hours of individual support.

Audience: Employees 50+

Prerequisites: Openness and willingness to anticipate the next stage of one's life

Methods: Live Webinar, Workshop, Self-positioning, Questioning & Reflection, Sharing of experiences, Personal coaching,LeBe Card Method (Tatjana Schnell, University of Innsbruck) 

You can choose between 100% distance learning or a mixed course.  

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Petra Bleschke
"The desire to contribute, to realise oneself, to create meaning and to move forward together remain universal values independent of age. It is your social responsibility to create a corporate culture that promotes the integration of employees from the moment they join the company until the end of their career. The recognition of your 50plus employees - the person, their commitment, know-how and interpersonal skills - is achieved by organising the transfer of skills and ensuring a smooth transition to retirement. We, as professional trainers and coaches, are at your side to accompany you in this responsible and humanistic approach".
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