Serene Transition to Retirement

The mass retirement of baby boomers is a major challenge for companies who are faced with two issues: managing staff turnover and the transmission of skills.This is a key issue to ensure the operational continuity of the company.

For a smooth transition, efficient transmission and reception, it is essential to anticipate and prepare for this stage. This path offers a winning tripartite approach that takes into account the company, the employees who are leaving and the employees who stay. The programme aims to generate benefit for all three levels.

Serene Transition to Retirement is a modular, strategic and transformational programme that fits in with your HR policy and your CSR approach.


  • To keep future retired employees committed and motivated until the end of their careers; to ensure a smooth transition to retirement;
  • To co-create solutions for afterwards; prepare and organise the transmission of the experience and knowledge accumulated by the future retired employees who are leaving; the assimilation of knowledge by the remaining employees
  • To promote intergenerational collaboration, the transmission and reception of skills between all employees as a new attitude;

Duration & Organization

Duration: Depends on the size of the company and the issues at hand.

Audience: Employees, Managers and HRBP

Prerequisites: Openness and willingness to question oneself

Training:Together we determine the approach by choosing the appropriate modules.

  • Module 1 - Preparing for retirement and anticipating one's new life.
  • Module 2 - Planning the transition of responsibilities and carrying out the transfer of skills within the team.
  • Module 3 - Preparing to take over and developing your skills to succeed in your new mission through individual coaching.
  • Module 4 - Creating a learning culture in the company: 'All transmitters, all receivers' throughout your career and at all levels.

Methods: Team Workshops, Individual Reflection, Experience Sharing, Team Coaching, Individual Coaching.

You can choose between 100% face-to-face or distance learning or a mixed course.

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Peggah Amiri-Cézard
"The retirement of employees is a strategic issue for companies, often set aside or downplayed in favour of other priorities. However, anticipating and preparing for this transition well, by involving everyone concerned, guarantees the company a greater commitment on the part of employees retiring. By feeling recognised and valued, employees pass on their experience and knowledge of the company's history, its workings, its customers and its processes to their successors. They gladly share their technical know-how as well as personal skills with the next generations, who will be ready to take over. Together they are fully involved in the simplification, automation and elimination of obsolete tasks and thus contribute to the operational continuity of the business.”
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