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Management requires demanding leadership skills. Managing a team from a distance adds additional complexity to the role of managers. Driven by the current context but also by technological innovations and the evolution of our lifestyles, more and more managers are facing this new challenge.

It therefore becomes essential to master the keys to effective remote management. With teleworking employees and a dispersed team, they lose a lot of their bearings and have to create new habits.

This group training and individual coaching programme is designed to help managers face the challenge of remote management with serenity by giving them the keys to managing the personal relationship with their team while steering the operational side.

 Manager Moderne is a modular, strategic and transformational program.


Develop personal and technical managerial skills, allowing you to:

  • Maintain an individual relationship with each employee at a distance and with the team
  • Manage yourself, createa standard daily and weekly schedule, especially for "remote management".
  • Adapt your management style to the needs of each employee
  • Monitor individual and collective performance from a distance
  • Make effective use of virtual collaboration tools

Duration & Organization

Duration: Depends on the size of the company and issues at hand 

Audience: Managers managing employees remotely  

Prerequisites: Openness and willingness to question oneself

Training: Together we determine the approach by choosing the appropriate modules.

  • Module 1 - Managing yourself, remotely managing your staff and relationships
  • Module 2 - Using Microsoft TEAMS digital collaboration tools effectively to ensure smooth work flow
  • Module 3 - Developing your emotional and social intelligence remotely
  • Module 4 - Enriching managerial skills with the Coach's approach

Methods: Team workshops, Team Coaching, Individual Reflections, Sharing experiences,Team Coaching, Individual Coaching.

You can choose between 100%distance learning or a mixed course. 

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Peggah Amiri-Cézard
"For 15 years I had the chance to manage multidisciplinary, intergenerational, intercultural and remote teams based in 3 different countries. Today, I have the pleasure of sharing my experience in the field and supporting managers in their new roles and challenges. I help them acquire the right reflexes, feel comfortable in their job and achieve their objectives. My goal: to accompany you professionally and in a good mood!”
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