Managing a team can not be learned by reading or listening to theory. Of course, you have to know the basic models and tools. And to ensure the development of the skills required in a changing environment, experiential learning is essential.

In this new course, participants apply, reflect and improve, in an integrative way, managerial techniques and methods learned in the field. They quickly validate the consequences of their actions - in a challenging yet safe environment.

This course is an example of one taken by one of our clients for their 60 managers. After a diagnosis, it can be reviewed and adapted to your real needs, in a co-construction phase prior to the training.


  • Face changes in the company and encourage them
  • Strengthen leadership, develop the skills of the manager-coach
  • Develop managerial communication and assertiveness towards employees
  • Develop close peer-to-peer relationships to act with impact

Duration & Organization

Duration: 4 days (28h) in 3 stages within the company

Audience: Directors, Managers, Project Managers, Team Leaders, Service Managers,Group Leaders - experienced

Prerequisites: managing employees (hierarchical and cross-functional)

Programme: Together, we adjust the programme according to your needs.

  • Step 1 - Analysis and adjustment of the course
  • Step 2 - My managerial style
  • Step 3 - Motivation & Recognition
  • Step 4 - Manager@action! a serious training game

Methods: Workshop, Self-positioning, Working insub-groups, Constellation in space, Quizzes, Serious training game'manager@action!' with role-playing scenarios

This training is 100% face-to-face

Discover Manager@Action, the managerial simulation tool for the development of managerial skills!

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Petra Bleschke
In order to validate the skills acquired throughout the course, there are 2 days of intense 'training camp' with the application of postures and managerial tools in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. The participants love this training concept which reflects their managerial reality: "I wanted to tell you that I really appreciated this training course, the content was rich, varied and everything was done with great skill. Bravo to both of you! I admit I was surprised by the intensity of the whole thing, but it allows everyone to question themselves. I've done a lot of training, but this one really made an impression on me. Thank you for that." Mr. Eckert
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