Intergenerational management

In businesses today, "young people", people in their thirties, forties and older people approaching retirement rub shoulders with each other. While some managers fear this gulf between the generations, it can in fact represent an opportunity... provided that it is well managed.

Our coaching takes a very pragmatic approach. After passing on the the or ethical foundations of effective intergenerational management during a live webinar, the Manager participants meet once a quarter during a BarCamp to present concrete cases and allow themselves to be coached by their peers. The facilitator is responsible for the framework, the smooth running of the interactions and the process. 

All the topics of intergenerational management are provided by the participants. They come from their daily difficulties and preoccupations, from concrete projects, and about which they wish to take a step back to find a solution and increase their skills.The more people talk about them, the more motivated they are to take action and solve their problems.

This training for Managers also fits in with the strategic and transformational path GENERATIONS 360° which is part of your CSR approach, particularly your Diversity policy.


Managing with intergenerational intelligence across generations :  

  • Transform the way we look at age by deconstructing existing stereotypes and prejudices
  • Better understand the diverse needs and priorities of different generations to create a more inclusive culture
  • Foster intergenerational collaboration and cross-mentoring

Duration & Organization

Duration: 1 live webinar (2 hours) + 3 hours of BarCamp each quarter

Audience: managers, team leaders, leaders of an organisation,company, association, etc.

Prerequisites: Open-mindedness, willingness to learn and share.

Methods: Webinar, BarCamp, Questioning & Individual Reflection, Co-Consulting, Experience Sharing complemented and combined with other creative tools.

It is a mixed digital and face-to-face course.  

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Petra Bleschke
"Intergenerational management is defined as 'the art of making employees of different generations live and work effectively together by capitalising on their differences and on what connects them'. As soon as the participants realise that age is only one factor among others, it becomes clear that age has nothing to do with management issues. It is the individual expectations depending on the personal situation and life project that often take precedence over the rest. Intergenerational management means intercultural management with an inclusive attitude and behaviour. "
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