Generations 360°®

In your company, at least 3 or even 4 generations co-exist:

  • the generation Ys, who everyone talks about, but who you don't always understand well;
  • the seniors, who are the most targeted by your company policy and whose representatives sometimes feel that they are stigmatised as 'future retirees', and
  • the middle generation, which is generally not well named or described.

Prejudices and stereotypes about age and generations hinder the flow of relationships and block the optimal flow of information within your company, with several consequences: the risk of poor-quality decisions, lack of creativity and innovation, frustration, demotivation and even absenteeism due to theill-being or illness of your employees. You realise that this creates enormous untapped potential for your company.

It's decided - we need to change the way we look at age – on a personal, management and corporate culture level, to open up intergenerational flows and thus benefit from all the potential of your company.

GENERATIONS 360°® is a modular, strategic and transformational programme that fits in with your CSR approach, particularly your diversity policy.


  • At a personal level: Become aware of stereotypes and transform your view of age; become allies for all ages.
  • At corporate culture level: Transform strategic and operational processes  that promote an intergenerational culture; become a learning company, attractive to talent of all ages until the end of their careers
  • At management level: Act with intergenerational intelligence! Stimulate mutual trust and improve interactions between generations to optimise the company's overall performance.

Duration & Organization

Duration: Depends on the size of the company and the issues at hand.

Audience: Employees, Managers and Executive Committee

Prerequisites: Openness and willingness to question oneself

Training: Together, we determine the approach by choosing the appropriate modules:

  • Module 1 - Analysing the initial situation and defining the objectives and results targeted by the approach
  • Module 2 - Raising staff awareness to perceive and overcome age-related stereotypes and prejudices
  • Module 3 - Encouraging intergenerational collaboration and the transmission of skills between all employees as a new attitude
  • Module 4 - Facilitation of strategic and operational Executive Committee/HR workshops to create guidelines favouring intergenerational flows
  • Module 5 - Intergenerational management    

Methods: Interviews & Focus groups, Interactive Conference, Team Workshops, TeamCoaching, Individual Coaching, Live Webinar, Bar Camp, Case Studies

 You can choose between 100% face-to-face or distance learning or a mixed course.

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Petra Bleschke
"It is not by categorising and pitting generations against each other that companies create economic efficiency. On the contrary, companies need all the skills and strengths they can muster to secure their future. No, seniors are not outdated, tired and demotivated! No, young people are not disengaged, dissatisfied or fickle! No, people in their forties are not stressed and resigned! The desire to contribute, to fulfil oneself, to create meaning and to move forward together remain universal values. It is your social responsibility to create a corporate culture that promotes intergenerational intelligence to unleash untapped potential. We, as professional trainers and coaches, are at your side to accompany you in this strategic and operational transformation. “ Petra Bleschke
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