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Developing emotional and social intelligence

Teamwork is complicated, often complex,sometimes chaotic. You have been observing for some time that the Cartesian approach with its patterns of thinking, decision-making and management is not adapted to the connected world. Routines no longer work, neither for you, nor for your employees, either face-to-face or remotely!

To be effective, more than ever you and your teams need another skill - Emotional Intelligence. It relies on awareness of self and others to recognise feelings and sentiments. This ability extends to the regulation of emotions and the management of relationships -also at a distance.

We offer you a 2-day remote or face-to-face training course with a preparation phase and personalised follow-up.


  • Identify and recognise emotions in different situations;
  • Activate empathy and awareness towards the other person to establish an optimal relationship, both personal and professional;
  • Practice conscious, positive and motivational communication, even in difficult situations.

Duration & Organization

Duration: 1 + 1 days (14h) plus 2 hours of personal work before and after the training course

Audience: Anyone interacting with colleagues, collaborators and customers. Groups up to 10 participants.

Prerequisites: Openness and willingness to question oneself.

Methods: Upstream questionnaire 'My Emotional Intelligence Level', Questionnaire 'Self-control', Exercises and role plays, Sharing of experiences, Improvement plan - Follow-up emails.

You can choose between 100% face-to-face or distance learning or a combination of both.

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Our pedagogical managers and trainers are recognised experts in their field.
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Petra Bleschke
"In a given situation, we always have the choice, through our actions, to move away from or towards our goals. The equation is simple, either we are aware of our emotions and can manage them, or we lose control and it is our emotions that control us. Aware of the emotions of others, we gather essential information to motivate, inspire, and influence. At the end of this seminar, punctuated by individual reflection, group discussions and theoretical and practical input, you have all the keys to success.”
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