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Teleworking now impacts all sectors of activity. Many organisations are therefore reflecting on the evolution of their activities, processes and modes of interaction. In this demanding context, employees and managers have to adopt new habits and learn how to collaborate effectively in teams and at a distance. In this freely adaptable training, we offer you the opportunity to master the key elements to efficient and healthy remote collaboration.


  • Develop emotional and social intelligence remotely
  • Create new individual and group routines for interacting and collaborating effectively in teams and remotely
  • Avoid conflicts
  • Use digital collaboration tools for better performance without stress

Duration & Organization

Duration: Modules of 1 hour up to 2 days, depending on the issues and needs.

Public: all employees and managers within an organisation, company or association working remotely.

Prerequisites: Openness and willingness to question oneself

Program: Choose and combine from several modules:

  • Module 1 - Develop emotional and social intelligence
  • Module 2 - Monday Morning Booster to create links and synchronisation between team members
  • Module 3 - Friday Evening Relaxation to review the week with team members and create a smooth transition to the weekend.
  • Module 4 - Digital Performance & Zenitude Being at ease with the digital tools made available by the company

Methods: Workshops and group training, individual coaching, complemented and combined with other creative tools and coaching - 100% distance learning.

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Expert trainers
Our pedagogical managers and trainers are recognised experts in their field.
Training quality
ARC innovation is QUALIOPI certified and registered on Datadock.
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Peggah Amiri-Cézard
"After this programme, the greatest reward is to hear the employees say that despite the physical distance, they finally feel close to each other! "Peggah
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