In your company, organisation or department, you are in a leading position and role and taking the initiative does not scare you. Changes are taking place and a dynamic, agile and demanding future is crystallizing.

Your mission as a manager is to support your employees on a daily basis but you are confronted with resistance to change. Exchanging and sharing your experiences with other leaders in the same situations as you helps you to move forward. How to position and develop yourself to be effective in your roles as leader and coach, which tools are effective in managing change, what attitudes are adopted to learn and unblock critical situations.


  • Move from "line manager" to manager-coach-facilitator of change
  • Manage emotions, listen, reformulate and accompany in order to bring the best ideas to life and bring them to fruition
  • Anchor reflective practice among managers and employees
  • Develop new attitudes among employees
  • Provoke and encourage curiosity and allow everyone to express and boost their full potential

Duration & Organization

Organisation and method

A customisedexample in an international organisation:

Duration: 10 to 15 days within the company, several groups of 10 participants

Public: 30 to 65 years old, for directors, managers, experienced project managers and high-potential executives.

Prerequisites:  Openness and willingness to question oneself

Programme:  Together, we determine the approach by choosing the right modules. 

  • Module 1 - PLAN: 3 days of Eco-diagnosis® in the organisation
  • Module 2 - DO: 4 days of face-to-face training and 3 hours in webinars
  • Module 3 - CHECK: 6 days of support in the field
  • Module 4 - ACT: 2 days of standardisation

Methods: Systemic Questioning, Transformational Listening, Coaching Games, Tools: Feedback and Feedforward - Assumption and Constructive Provocation - Field Coaching - Co-consulting

You can choose between 100% face-to-face training or a mixed course.

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Axel Bleschke
"This journey is topical - companies are on the move and there are organisational and cultural transformations under way. Classical managerial attitudes and skills are no longer adapted to the dynamics of markets and organisations - especially the intergenerational context and virtual teleworking in telework mode, require transformations of the corporate culture as well as of the individuals concerned. I am a 'change agent' who has worked with some 20 international organisations over the last 10 years. "AXEL
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