Meeting with the future

In your role as a leader, you are confronted with development processes, changes or situations that need to be clarified...things are complex and require the active participation of everyone.

So, in order to move your project forward serenely,you want to network and involve all the contributors and all the people concerned in order to develop a common vision of the future.

In order to keep the global vision and your managerial flexibility, you decide to entrust the design of the process of the interventions to be carried out, as well as the facilitation of the workshops in large and small groups, to neutral experts.


  • Prepare and make the right decisions based on collective intelligence
  • Stimulate the identification and motivation of stakeholders through active participation
  • Imagine, create or innovate the future together and giving meaning to your actions
  • To better understand and integrate current and future changes
  • Connect, transmit and share skills

Duration & Organization

Duration: A la carte design from half a day to several days, depending on the issues at hand.

Audience: All the contributors within an organisation,company, association; Groups of 5 to 1000 people.

Prerequisites: Openness and willingness to question oneself.

Methods: We work with all known methods for large groups: Future Search Conference, Real Time Strategic Change, Open Space Technology, World Café and Appreciative Inquiry, complemented and combined with other creative tools and Coaching.

You can choose between a 100% face-to-face or remote workshop

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Expert trainers
Our pedagogical managers and trainers are recognised experts in their field.
Training quality
ARC innovation is QUALIOPI certified and registered on Datadock.
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Petra Bleschke
"Every time I am surprised at what is possible, when all the participants interconnect to cross their experiences, knowledge, ideas and needs."
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