Our strong point: our quality

Our continuous improvement approach allows us to be reactive, evolutionary and innovative!

The quality assurance of our solutions !

What is the quality approach undertaken by ARC innovation?

ARC innovation is committed to a process of continuous improvement - the PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) process - which enables our customers to benefit from the latest developments.
Our commitment:
- Meeting your objectives  
- Finding solutions to your problems with you, our "expert" trainers are there to support you throughout the process.
- A team at your service  

What is the history of our certifications?

Arc innovation is a member of the Fédération de la formation professionnelle (Vocational Training Federation).
- From 1995 to 2020: qualified OPQF Professional Office for the Qualification of Training Organisations on the themes: Management techniques and methods and interpersonal communication
- Since 2017: referenced on Datadock, the platform for referencing training organisations  
- Since November 2020 Qualiopi certification  

How do we measure customer satisfaction?

As part of a quality approach, our standard training courses are evaluated according to 3 criteria: trainer performance - level of interactivity - recommendation.

3 questions are proposed to the trainees at the end of the training:
1 - What is the quality level of the trainer's performance?  
2 - the level of interactivity of this training course?
3 - Would you recommend this training to a colleague or another company?  

The NPS® - Net Promoter Score - is our rating method, it is an indicator for measuring customer satisfaction and the degree of customer loyalty.    The results are visible on the site. We evaluate these criteria via an automated questionnaire after each training session. The results are automatically updated in our database and we update this score every 1st of the month.  

What can I do if I encounter a quality problem during my training?

You have encountered a non-conformity or a malfunction during the course of the training and you would like to let us know about it!  Contact our Quality department, you will get an answer from us within 48 hours.  
Contact us: contact@arc-innovation.com
We will find the solution together!

What are our terms and deadlines for access to training courses?

We are present and attentive to your needs throughout the various stages of your training: ECO-Diagnostic© analysis and pedagogical advice, quotation for the service and validation of the order, engineering and design of the programme and teaching materials, administrative procedures and OPCO contact, evaluations, course report and follow-up.

The supply chain of the training process:
We offer training courses, seminars and in-company workshops à la carte. Depending on demand, we will send you our training offer within a period of 1 week to 1 month. Depending on the validation time by the client, the training can take place within 1 to 3 months.   

Provided that the client has provided us with all the necessary information, we will send you an e-mail no later than 2 weeks before the operation:
- Validation of the quotation
- The convention
- The detailed programme
- The convocation (if applicable)
- Logistical requirements  

After the training, we will send you the information within 8 days:
- The photo report (if applicable)
- The tamper sheet
- Evaluations
- The invoice

What is our approach to accessibility for people with disabilities?

Living diversity and inclusion is a strong value of our trainers and employees.  If, in connection with one of our training courses, you have a disability issue, please contact us in advance of the course to see how we can adjust our programme and venue to best suit you. Pascal Papillon, our referent is at your disposal.  However, if participation proves impossible, we will advise you on the organisations that can accommodate you.

What is our pricing approach?

All our in-company training courses are personalised according to your reality and your needs. The rate for one day of intervention by an experienced trainer is 1800 € HT for a group of 12 participants maximum. Fees may be added for a preliminary analysis, programme engineering, teaching materials, licences and/or fees for a second trainer depending on the number of participants. These rates do not include logistical costs.
Pour toute question contactez-nous ici !