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The Coaching

Coaching is a development tool that integrates the different personalities, motivation and attitudes of the coachee. The result is a change in behaviour that enables progress in private and professional projects.
Personal coaching

A very personal approach that fits in with any theme of a person in the private or professional sector Coaching with Peggah Amiri-Cézard

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Individual coaching

Face-to-face or virtual coaching that boosts the balance between performance and well-being of a professional coachee Coaching with Axel Bleschke

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A common dynamic

Teambuilding becomes a real source of synchronisation to move forward and succeed together!

Team Coaching

Meetings of the management committee, heads of department or teams are rarely effective decision-oriented meetings to make progress together. And if, from time to time, you were to call on a Coach to accompany you in your meetings over time with a mirror effect and systemic analysis...then?
Axel Bleschke

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Team Working

Urgent projects with critical deadlines demand agility and flexibility from the entire project or service team. What if, at the start of a project (Kick-off) or once a year in your department, you let yourself be inspired and accompanied by a facilitator with an activating day.... then? Our experiential learning method is at your disposal!
With Petra Bleschke

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