The year 2020: Perhaps it was not as bad as people think?


or ARC innovation, 2020 was synonymous with a new intergenerational and intercultural team, a new digital/presential training offer, a new website and, as a bonus, QUALIOPI certification! But also the birth of a new brand: MAYZING.

And of course, we were, like you, very up set and affected by the negative consequences of the COVID virus. We are well aware of the collective and individual suffering.  

But do you know that we are always more affected by bad news than good news, and any negativeevent is better recorded in our memory than a positive one? This is our automatic biological programme, the negativity bias, a cumbersome legacy of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Those who mistrusted the berries, sometimespoisonous, survived more than those who relied only on their pleasant taste.This heritage has been passed on to their descendants. To us!  

From morning tonight, especially in 2020, we are all bombarded with negative messages,misfortune is omnipresent. This is why the essayist John Tierney and the psychology professor Roy F Baumeister, in their latest book The power of bad and how to overcome it, suggest that we should become aware of this negativebias in order to compensate for it. In order not to waste our lives un necessarily. Because there are so many positive things around us!  

We have a choice.

To close the year, we can either give way to our automatic programme and engrave in our memory that the year 2020 was terrible, or we can take a moment to list all thepositive aspects of this year that affected us all, more or less intensely. With our team, we have chosen the second option and we share our non-exhaustive but totally POSITIVE list with you :  


  • Spring weather all the time from the confinement ;
  • The gaze of the people crossed during the daily outings, all greeted each other, smiled;
  • Little road traffic, lush nature, a concert of birdsong.


  • 2020, an unprecedented year of leadership with benchmark experiences;  
  • Moving forward with an intergenerational team;  
  •  Reinforced motivation for the development of Positive Health and anticipating the future;


In the absence of external temptations, I have integrated that happiness is only a work from the inside. When we can find inner peace, weare less shaken by the outside world, no matter what comes our way;

  • My daily walk in the presence of others and the Introspection Diary 'Flow' have helped me a lot to create a new introspection routine. The word Freedom takes on its full meaning;
  • We spend more quality time with our children, based in Cologne and Amsterdam, as they too are housebound ;  
  • I was finally able to tidy up my office and my house. What a joy! I applied the KonMari method, a method of focusing on what brings joy into one's life ; Découvrir la Méthode


  • For me, confinement has been synonymous with time. This precious time that I was constantly running after and which was suddenly offered to me on a platter... Time with my husband. We cooked, tidied and redecorated our flat, looked at old photos, took a daily one-hour walk to watch the sunrise and enjoyed these little moments of happiness, in all simplicity.  
  • Time toread. I had a pile of books that had been waiting for a few months or evenyears on my bedside table. And there, as I found myself in a "long time", I was finally able to quench my thirst for reading. My two favourites: a novel Als die Tage nach Zimt schmeckten and a book to stay healthy "Santé Positive"
  • Deeper discussions with my mother. During the entire duration of the 1st confinement, I called my mother every day. We talked about our feelings, our childhood memories, our desires, our hopes. Much deeper discussions than when we used to see each other for the monthly family meals.


  • 2020 made me realise that emptiness and silence are not that scary, that it is important to be in a bubble of disconnection in our daily lives to listen to ourselves and to relearn how totruly look at what and those around us.
  • For me, it's a chance that we are offered to take care of our selves, in a society of the instant where taking care of oneself has become a luxury.
  • It's also an opportunity to better recognise oneself and take stock of one's qualities and passions and toreawaken one's creativity.
  • I remember the word "solidarity"from this period. We see many people supporting their local shopkeepers orgetting closer to their neighbours. It shows us that we are capable of thebest.


  •  2020 offered me a small but not reductive space, whichallowed me to recharge my batteries without the noise of endless actions.
  • A remarkable year with enough time for creations andinnovations available and useful ;
  •  Inspiration, emergence and action as a process, weremultiple times possible, like a gift every day
  • No more silence in our neighbourhood which triggeredan inner peace in me with a feeling of well-being where I am;


  • A time of rich and diversified self-learning throughnew subjects discovered during this changing period ;
  • The disconnection allowed me to refocus on theessentials of life such as pleasure, sharing but also questioning;  
  • The rediscovery of the importance of the social in mylife and how the social keeps my morale at 100%!

What about you?

What have you decided to keep from this year? Share your positive points with us by....
We would like to conclude by wishing you a peaceful and restful end of the year and an inspired transition to the new one. We hope to reconnect with you in 2021 around our intention to accompany you both remotely and face-to-face on your development path.