The 5 Human Resources Challenges in 2021


021 has arrived! The years go by and the HR challenges are not the same! With our series, discover the 5 HR challenges linked to the constant evolution of the professional ecosystem accelerated by the health crisis and gain visibility.

HR Challenge N°1

"Remote management: Giving employees a sense of collective responsibility at work".With the significant increase of telework in France and short-time working, many employees are finding a lack of meaning in their work. Physically isolated, with different work rhythms and digital skills,collaboration and there bfore performance have taken a big blow in 2020. We have learned that managing a team remotely adds an extra complexity to the role of managers. It then becomes essential to master thekeys to effective remote management in order to federate the dispersed team and recreate proximity around a common project.Managing oneself and one's collaborators and relationships at a distance, knowing and effectively using digital collaboration tools,developing one's emotional and social intelligence also at a distance and mastering the coach's posture are key skills to give meaning to the collective.Discover our modular training programme Manager Moderne Digital which has been designed to meet the changing needs of the modern manager.

HR Challenge N°2

"Collaborating at a distance: Capitalise on 2020 experiences and create new and motivating collaboration routines that work".

In a dispersed team, new questions arise in terms of organisation, communication and collaboration. The way we work is constantly changing and can also create frustration and de-motivation among team members. After a forced experience phase in 2020, it is important to regularly check inwith the team to set up new motivating routines that work. This also includes humanskills, which must evolve with it. Find out more about our modular programme Collaborating at a distance which has been designed around human skills and needs.

 HR Challenge N°3

"Learning culture : Promoting collaboration and intergenerational transmission also at a distance".

At least 3 or even 4 generations live together in your company. Especially in teleworking,prejudices and stereotypes about age and generations hamper the flow of relationships and block the optimal flow of information within your company,with several consequences: the risk of non-quality decisions, lack ofcreativity and innovation, frustration, demotivation and even absenteeism dueto the ill-being or illness of your employees. As a result, this generatesenormous untapped potential for your company.  Find out more about our modular, strategic and transformational Generations 360° programme, which is part of your CSR approach, in particular your diversity policy.

 HR Challenge N°4

"Being Resilient: Promoting Positive Health in the Workplace and in Telework".

Already in the spotlight before the pandemic, Quality of Life at Work (QWL) became a strategic focus in 2021.  A multitude of scientific findings on the weakening of the psychological state of many employees are pushing companies to react in anadapted manner. And above all to offer preventive support.  Find our seminar Well-being at work, which is aimed at those who want to act for their health and seek to balance performance, safety and well-being, at work and in life. 

 HR Challenge N°5

 "Transition to (pre-)retirement: Ensuring a smooth transition".

Currently, with the pandemic, the comfort zone for employees has disappeared! To find one self overnight on short-time working, teleworking or being made redundant creates a pressure that generally provokes deep personal reflections... Some, often employees 50 plus, find them selvessearching for meaning and no longer identify with their activity and dream ofan early retirement to fulfil themselves in a different way. But even for those who dream of it, leaving involves a certain amount of stress. It is the beginning of a new life, which must be well prepared. Find out more about our short programme Passage to Retirement, which aims to raise awareness and encourage 50plus employees to prepare for (pre-)retirement. After all, (pre-)retirement is much more than just a series of administrative procedures... 

This support is also part of the strategic and transformational GENERATIONS 360° and TRANSITION RETIREMENT SERENEINE courses which are part of your CSR approach, particularly your Diversity policy. To develop your project for an à la carte training course, either face-to-face or distance learning, contact Petra Bleschke, trainer and facilitator