Teach & Learn: Ownership-Leadership-Libership


oday personal development is in fashion and Freudian psychologists often speak of a path of liberation for the person.  

However, the current challenge in European societies is centred on the transmission of our knowledge, know-how and skills to the new generations.

The author of this article proposes a new concept, the learning journey Teach & Learn in Nepal! It is a way to experiment and succeed in passing on knowledge in your professional life.

The 3 keys to success?

Ownership: Before we pass on, we need to clarify which of our areas of expertise we are passionate about. Authentic ownership of a topicis the basis for starting the journey. Seeking the perceptions of colleagues,colleagues and collaborators helps you to clarify this point.

Leadership: Then the decision: I can, I want, I do. Take the initiative to take the initiative and become a transmitter of your topic in front of the students in Nepal. Creative tension and energy are vital for successful transmission in a new cultural context where languages, customs and codes are different from those in Europe.

Libership: Finally, the liberation: contents and materials are ready, the Teach & Learn adventure begins. Giving in the morning and receiving students and teachers in the afternoon allows you to adapt, refine the contents and improve in front of a curious, joyful and open-mindedreceiving public. Lajoie and pride settle in on both sides: transmitter andreceiver. It's an incredible recognition for ourselves and the students.

ARC innovation organised a Teach & Learn trip to Nepal for the first time in early November 2019. We tested this journey with 20leading clients in this magnificent country. The concept is a great success which encourages us to continue with Teach & Learn in 2021. We will offer two trips, one in May and one in November. Stay tuned for our news.

Namasté and see you soon